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Insect Info

Quick Buggy Facts

Grown in a stress-free environment

We create luxurious environments for our bugs, making them healthier, larger and happier along the way.

Human-grade food quality

Every bug we raise is fed a high quality and nutritious diet, making them human-grade quality food options, and healthier for pets.

Raised in the perfect North Queensland climate

Insects love warm, humid climates, which is why our home of North Queensland is one of the best places to grow bugs in Australia.

What They're Fed

Pets deserve nutritious food options

Our focus is on providing our customers and their pets with the healthiest insects available. We do this by truly taking care of our bugs, raising them on nutritious diets and in stress-free environments.

We believe that doing the right thing, is always the right thing. From feeding our bugs healthy diets of fruit, grains and vitamins, to keeping them in relaxed, climate controlled conditions.

how they're grown

Bugs love the humidity of North Queensland

Bugs love warm weather, and our home of Far North Queensland is one of the best places in Australia for farming insects.


The warm, humid climate of North Queensland means we can grow insects more sustainably, with low heating costs, clean air and access to a large variety of healthy crops and ingredients.

Naturally Fed & Grown

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