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Live Feeder Insects & Bugs Queensland

Bugs Alive is a Cairns based, innovative insect grower supplying healthy, responsibly raised bugs.

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Responsibly raised to be the healthiest option available

Our mission is to provide pet owners with the healthiest options available for their pets. Our insects are fed fresh fruit and vegetables, along with a grain-based diet with supplements, to ensure your pets receive the best nutrition possible.

Bugs Alive produce and sell high quality live & frozen feeder insects in Cairns, North Queensland

We also supply locally grown frozen rodents and quail for reptiles and other pets. Other products include vitamin and mineral supplements and frass – organic insect poo. Insects grown are: Crickets, Woodies, and Black Soldier Fly larvae, however we are experimenting with other species. Our insects are also regarded as the largest in the industry – meaning you get better value for money.

A common problem in the industry is low insect survival rates once packed and during delivery. This is can be due to poor insect diet or health, packing and freight practices. We address these issues by ensuring high insect health and packing systems and allow pickup or delivery within hours of packing.

We feed our insects a high-quality diet of grains, brewing by-products (high in vitamins & minerals) and fresh fruit and vegetables. Our production processes ensure our insects want for nothing – they live in a climate-controlled environment with clean housing, containers and fresh air. Quality feed and conditions mean a quality product.

Insects are gently packed just prior to delivery or pickup, ensuring the healthiest, stress-free insect possible. We expect and regularly achieve 100% survival of packed insects for multiple days, and we guarantee very high ongoing survival rates (when properly cared for).

Our quality is so high, we are developing insect products for human consumption. Insects are very high in protein, calcium & iron and are sustainably produced requiring minimal water and resources compared to traditional protein sources. This means your pets are eating human food grade insects.

Our commitment to the environment mean we recycle everything possible – even re-using insect containers and bags (after thoroughly washing) when customers return them. Wastes fertilise our crops and minimal water is used. We source high quality food by-products where possible, promoting the ‘circular economy’ and minimizing waste.

 Australia is a nation of pet lovers with over 70% of households having at least one pet, with bird and fish owners making up 20% of pet owners. Herpers, those who keep reptiles and amphibians, are probably the fastest growing category, with numbers more than doubling over the last few years, meaning that there are an estimated half a million reptile owners in Australia today.


Everyone appreciates the value of a highly nutritious diet for their dogs and cats and this is no different for reptiles, birds, and fish, so at Bugs Alive we take the process of breeding and supplying high quality feeder insects in Cairns, very seriously.


With an innovative approach to insect breeding, we produce a regular supply of crickets, woodies and Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) that have been shown to be bigger and healthier, than many acquired elsewhere.

Have you been disappointed after ordering live crickets online from another supplier, but upon delivery to be confronted with a large number of dead and dying insects? At Bugs Alive our aim, which is regularly met, is to supply 100% living and healthy insects that give you excellent value for money and also provide exceptional nutrition for your pets.


As producers of excellent reptile food in Cairns we are blessed with a climate that suits our needs, warmth and humidity prevail, but in conjunction with this we provide clean well-ventilated, climate-controlled environments for our insect colonies and feed them on high quality fruit, grains, vitamins and by-products from local brewers. Together, this results in human-grade insects which will be relished by your pets, helping to keep them in tip top condition.


When you need to buy live crickets or feeder insects in Cairns, we offer various options with small, medium and large crickets available in quantities from as little as 30 (large size) to bulk custom orders. Live insects are not only nutritious for your animals, but also invoke their natural hunting behaviour making them far happier and a better pet. We also supply packs of frozen crickets and BSFL for your convenience.


If you buy insects online, your expectation is that your order will be despatched and arrive in great shape. Our process facilitates the collection or delivery of live insects within a couple of hours of packing, ensuring your bugs are the freshest and healthiest available, whether they be crickets, woodies or BSFL. Submitting an online order with Bugs Alive will give you confidence that your insects will be alive, healthy, and provide the best value on market and the very best diet for your pets.


At Bugs Alive we also supply frozen mice, rats and quail for those slightly larger reptiles that need more than insects! Contact us to make your order today!


From modest beginnings with a vision of supplying local communities in Northen Queensland with high quality feeder insects and reptile food from their base in Cairns, Bugs Alive is now firmly established as an innovative and expansive enterprise supplying not just pet owners but zoos and wildlife parks Australia wide.


With a clear focus on producing human grade insects by providing exceptional conditions in which the three key insects, Crickets, Woodies and Black Soldier Fly Larvae are bred and raised, Bugs Alive ensures the ongoing quality of insects that they distribute. It may not be widely appreciated or acknowledged by many, but insects require a balanced diet of high-quality feed and Bugs Alive supplement the already great diet with fruit/veges, vitamins and minerals resulting in fast growing healthy insects.


All users of live feeder insects, reptile/amphibian/arachnid/etc pet owners, know the risks of ordering online or old stock from pet shops – that they end up with high mortality rates and receive poor value. Low survival rates are due to one or a number of things; poor insect health or advanced age at packing, poor packing techniques, long hot transit conditions or length of time in the tubs. Bugs Alive ensures a healthy, age-appropriate insect at packing, great packing techniques to reduce stress and chooses freighting methods/providers to minimise impacts on the insects. They offer a range of sizes and quantities for most users as well as custom orders for regular customers. From July 2024, Bugs Alive will be freighting insects Australia wide due to the constant requests from pet owners outside of North Queensland.


So when you need a reliable source of quality feeder insects, give Bugs Alive a go and become a ‘Bugs Alive Devotee’!

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