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Frozen Crickets


Species; Acheta Domestica 

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Frozen Crickets

SpeciesAcheta Domestica 

We freeze excess live crickets. They have all the same benefits as our live crickets, they’re just cold.

  • Pack Size: 1kg (~3,000 crickets)
  • High in protein (18% WW) and easily digestible for your reptiles, amphibians, spiders or birds.
  • Grown on a high protein grain & fresh produce diet, supplemented with vitamins & minerals.
  • We add beer brewing leftovers to provide healthy naturally occurring yeasts, improving overall insect health.
  • Our crickets are ‘human food’ grade.
 Which animals eat crickets?
  • Crickets are great for lizards, amphibians, spiders/arachnids, fish, and most birds. 
  • Variety is the key to a healthy and happy pet. So feed them a variety of insect species (Woodies, Black Soldier Fly larvae, mealworms, etc.). Different insect species provide varying hunting behaviours to keep them stimulated and happy.
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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 7 cm