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what we believe in…

Our mission is Good Nutrition

We’re focused on reliably supplying healthy, nutritious and sustainable live insects to pet owners, zoos, and wildlife parks & carers around Australia.

our history

How Bugs Alive Started

We started Bugs Alive in Cairns to provide North Queenslanders a local option for their live insects. Currently, we are the only commercial insect breeding operation north of South East Queensland.

At Bugs Alive, our focus on insect health and welfare through innovative production methods allows us to provide our customers with the ultimate foods for their pets.

Our Values

Responsibly Raised in North Queensland

We are a new and growing insect producer, constantly improving our production processes and the quality of our insects. This ensures our customers will always receive the highest quality food for their beloved companions.

Bugs Alive insects are ‘human food grade’ quality, meaning we are also growing and developing insect protein for human food markets.

The local climate is generally hot, just how insects like it. Therefore, we have minimal heating costs, meaning north Queensland is one of the best places to grow insects in Australia.

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Meet the team

Bugs Alive started with a vision to supply North Queenslanders with a local source of insect products

Stirling is the owner of Bugs Alive, and began studying and growing insects in early 2018, after identifying local demand and a growing global need for protein.

Bugs Alive started from humble beginnings, growing Black Soldier Fly, crickets, wood roaches & mealworms for the human, live petfood and livestock protein market.

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As there is very little available information on how to grow insects commercially, Stirling had to research and develop methods through trial and error and seek advice from researchers around the world to improve production methods. He’s developed multiple technologies and equipment to improve production and is constantly striving to improve.

Food production and natural resource utilisation are extremely important global issues today and into the foreseeable future – this is why Stirling is trying to develop technologies to re-use by-products or materials for high quality protein and food production.

Concepts such as the ‘Circular economy’, re-use or re-purpose food production wastes (ugly or second grade fruit & vegetables, fruit packaging, Brewer’s waste (highly nutritious), etc) are key factors in motivation and methods to develop these alternative food products for humans, pets and livestock.