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Large Live Crickets


Acheta Domestica Species

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Large Live Crickets

Species; Acheta Domestica 
  • Large Live Crickets:  ~2.5cm+ and ~5 weeks old.
  • High in protein (18% ww) and easily digestible for your reptiles, amphibians, spiders or birds.
  • Grown on a high protein grain & fresh produce diet, supplemented with vitamins & minerals.
  • We add beer brewing leftovers to provide healthy naturally occurring yeasts, improving overall insect health.
  • Our crickets are ‘human food grade.’
  • Large male crickets chirp – a very relaxing sound.
  • Packed in quantities of: 30, 200, and 1000.
  • Small & medium pack sizes: 50, 200, 1500
  • Store crickets in a well ventilated container with egg cartons or similar in which to hide. Ensure they have lots of room to move around.
  • Feed them dry vegetables (carrot, pumpkin, lettuce etc.) as their main food & water source.
    • You can also feed high protein chicken pellets or mash, but will need to add a water source.
      • Use a sponge or Scotch pad in water – DO NOT leave open water as they will drown.
    • Smaller crickets need softer feeds, such as lettuce.
    • Replace the food & water every few days to keep it clean & fresh.
  • Crickets like warm environments 25°C – 30°C, but high humidity will create mould problems in the container. Good ventilation is key!
Which animals eat crickets?
  • Crickets are great for lizards, amphibians, spiders/arachnids, fish, and most birds. They love the movement and stimulate their natural hunting behaviour.
  • Variety is the key to a healthy and happy pet. So feed them a variety of insect species (Woodies, Black Soldier Fly larvae, mealworms, etc.). Different insect species provide varying hunting behaviours to keep them stimulated and happy.
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