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Community & Collaboration

CMYK_Copperlode Brewing - Logo

Copperlode Brewing Co.

The Copperlode team provide brewers grain and brew water, which supplements our insect diets, providing micro & macro nutrients. This improves insect production and health AND reduces brewing waste, further progressing the 'circular economy'. Located at: 1 Hargreaves St, Edmonton QLD 4869

Coral Sea Brewing Co.

The team at Coral Sea Brewing Co. provide brewers waste, which is added to insect diets to boost nutrients and feed bio-availability and to promote sustainability and the circular economy.

Red Dragon Brewery

The team at Red Dragon Brewery provide brewers by-products, which is fed to our insects to boost nutrients and feed bio-availability. It also promotes sustainability and the circular economy.

Are you looking for pet breeders?

 We have breeders in our network for the following species:

  •  Bearded dragons
  •  Forest dragons
  • Blue tongue lizards
  • Green tree pythons
  • Tarantulas

Please contact us for breeder details.

If you’re a breeder and would like us to pass on your details (for free), please connect with us!

Fluroescent rodent study in FNQ

Research conducted by Linda Reinholdt, James Cook University Cairns.

Research showing fluorescent rats being predated on in natural environments.

Researchers from James Cook University, led by zoologist Linda Reinhold, aimed to find out if wild nocturnal mammals and birds reacted to fluorescent fur any more or less
often than non-fluorescent fur. They used rat pelts supplied by ‘Bugs Alive’, which were found to fluoresce under UV light. 


The results showed rats do NOT glow in moonlight (at least not to vertebrate eyes).

See the media release below for further details. 


This research was conducted on the Atherton Tablelands in 2021-2022.


This project was funded by the North Queensland Wildlife Trust (Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures), James Cook University College of Science and Engineering and an Australian Government Research Training Scholarship, granted to Linda Reinhold.  Rats were sourced from Bugs Alive, Cairns.

Want to support us or get involved?

We are looking for other commercial quantities of clean food waste streams. So if you have or know of these types of waste streams, please pass on their details?

We also recycle the plastic insect containers to reduce waste. This costs us more in time than a new container does, but we want to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible. We are searching for recyclable containers for live insects - so if you know of any, please let us know!

Your feedback is appreciated

We are always looking to improve our services and operations and would really appreciate any feedback you can provide, even if the feedback is negative. If we dont know about it, we can't improve it.

We want to be the leading live insect provider for North Queensland.