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Live Black Soldier Fly Larvae


Species; Hermetia Illucens 

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Live Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Larvae

Species; Hermetia Illucens 
  • BSF Larvae Size: <20mm 
  • Black Soldier Fly Larvae, also called Vita Worms, Calci Worms, or Phoenix Worms, are a highly nutritious feeder insect, which have become hugely popular worldwide as food for captive animals. 
  • ~20 times more calcium than crickets
  • High in protein (>41% DM) and lysine (an essential amino acid). 
  • Fat (~30%) content varies on diet. 
  • BSF Larvae Pack Sizes: 100, 200, 500, and 5,000.
Nutritional Benefits of BSF Larvae:
  • They’re high in calcium, so don’t need dusting with calcium supplements. 
  • BSF Larvae can prevent, stop, and reverse the Metabolic Bone Disease caused by calcium deficiency.
  • The larvae are white and the pupae dark brown – Both are very healthy for your pets, with the pupae having slightly higher chitin levels.
  • Recommended by veterinarians, BSF Larvae have a naturally balanced Calcium : Phosphorus ratio and are the only calcium-rich feeder that can be safely fed as a staple diet.
    • The high calcium level is due to an abundance of calcium carbonate impregnated within the exoskeleton.
  • Feeding them to your animals can improve the animal’s natural colouring.
  • BSF Larvae are also a natural weapon against coccidia, and contain high levels of natural lauric acid. Lauric acid has excellent antimicrobial properties, including potent activity against lipid coated viruses, clostridium, and pathogenic protozoa – including coccidia.
Which animals eat BSF Larvae?
  • They wriggle, making them great for picky eaters and irresistible to reptiles, birds and fish. 
  • They can be fed live, frozen (after warming to ambient temperatures) or dried.
  • Storing them in a cool environment will slow development, so they don’t turn into flies. 
  • The BSF Flies are also great nutritional snacks, which bring diversity to natural hunting behaviours. 
    • Adult flies do NOT eat, so do NOT transmit disease, unlike the house fly.
  • BSF Larvae are relatively new to Australian markets, as they’re difficult to breed. Bugs Alive has refined the process and regularly has stock available.
  • BSF Larvae are packed with coconut husk, as they like to bury and hide.
*See our BSF Care Sheet for more information.

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