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Frozen Rodents & Quail

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In the wild, snakes and some lizards predate heavily on rats, mice and birds, so it’s no surprise animals are a very popular choice for feeding captive reptiles, both in domestic and commercial settings. Captive reptiles can thrive on frozen rodents or birds, as they mimic their wild diet. It is important to know adult animals generally store larger amounts of fat than young or immature animals, as is the case with humans. The flip side is older animals may also contain more calcium (& other minerals) due to their mature bone structure. Therefore, varying your reptile’s diet between rats, quail or chicks is a safe strategy to ensure they are receiving a balanced diet.

At Bugs Alive, we specialise in supplying live insects as pet feed, as well as frozen mice, rats, quail and chicks in convenient sized packs. All our animals are sustainably raised before being humanely euthanised and immediately frozen to ensure complete freshness. Frozen feeds are considered to have many benefits over live specimens when it comes to the care of your pet; frozen mice/rats/quail/chicks will be free of parasites which could negatively impact your reptiles, and live prey can cause severe injuries to your reptile, especially if not experienced in hunting live rats. Live prey are also very difficult to source and hold before feeding.

Bugs Alive’s frozen range have been developed to cater for customer needs, and providing great value. Our range includes 3g pinky mice to 180g chicks and 399g rats in relevant pack sizes so your freezer storage space is not overrun with pet foods.

Bugs Alive also sell a range of frozen insects.